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Great Looking Guys, Video #1

Videos have been deleted from this site for now. Copyright issues could develop if I use images of physique stars of the 1960s and 1960s, so I will use videos and images from YouTube and my own collection for now.

Youthful muscle and fitness that is not steroid driven is what most of these young guys share in common. Some are more slender than muscular and some have a bit more hair than others. The basic look is the natural appeal of the so called boy next door. Some have a Hollywood movie star polished look and others are poor side of town with stunning smiles or physiques. Stars and hustlers can be found on Hollywood street corners day and night. They will be seen here also. The physique stars of the 1950s who became male model favorites in magazines like Tomorrow's Man and Physique Pictorial had a look that was beautiful but never feminine. They were guys who posed for guys eyes. That look became associated with teen idol type singers and screen stars later. For its time it was quite daring for a guy to reveal some abs muscles or to wear tight Levi's. To know what tomorrow's style is, look at young people. Young guys might act tough and they might claim not to care about good looking guys, but they spend a lot of time in front of a mirror checking their hair and their muscles to see if something might be changed to look beter. Those types of good looking guys can still be found today, here, at Great Looking Guys.

Some of these guys who started as physique stars went on to become successful movie and TV actors. Some became fashion designers. Many travelled and did shows for weightlifting barbell companies and health food and fitness coaches. Some became personal trainers and a few became photographers.

For now, the videos will be removed from the site. I will upload videos with different content at a later date.

Any video and the still pictures on this site will not feature any frontal nudity, although the models often have frontal nudes available at other sites.

I will use my judgement to choose the guys I consider to be best looking. I am focusing on faces and physiques, mainly, but an attractive expression or hairstyle can add points for someone's picture. If you have favorite guys or ideas, let me know.

I will add videos and still photos as I come across them. I will offer tips on diet and exercise as I come across them.

Guys in clothes

smile Clothing can help to make the man look more exciting. Styles change as the decades pass but faces peeping out of collars can be very sexy. This site will not have frontal nudity because it is not necessary. The guys whom I tend to notice most often are the healthy, happy young teens and early twenties types who look like they either just got out of, or are about to get into trouble.

A person whose picture is on this site might be straight, gay, bi or discreet. I am not interested in their labels, only their looks.

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